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Bed for Badges

cost free hospitality for
certified law enforcement

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Bed for Badges is dedicated to active and retired certified Law Enforcement Officers in local, state and federal agencies.  The  concept is cost free hospitality for fellow officers by fellow officers.  Enrollment is the first step towards finding or offering that secured place to stay.


Traveling and needing a place to stay, check the availability with a few clicks.

About Me

I am a 26 year retired officer in the Savannah, GA area.  My  "resume" includes Patrol, Narcotics, Property Crimes, Financial Crimes, Training Officer, Certified POST Instructor and finally Internal Affairs.  My last agency was the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, Georgia, where I served under Sheriff John Wilcher.  Verification of credentials can be made upon request.  Or......call Sheriff Wilcher or CCSO IA and ask them.  Tell  them "Ty" sent you.    

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